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Full text of "Grenfell Support News, Issue 37, August 24, 2018"

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24 August 20181 Issue No: 37 

Grenfell Support News 

Changes to air quality 
monitoring around 

Public Health England (PHE) has been 
assessing and monitoring air quality in 
the area surrounding Grenfell Tower since 
14June 2017. PHE would like to inform local 
people of changes to air quality monitoring 
around the Grenfell Tower site. 

Dr Deborah Turbitt, deputy director for 
health protection at PHE London, said: 

"The independent air quality monitoring 
we commissioned has shown the risk to 
people's health from air pollution around 
the Grenfell Tower site to be consistently 
low. No asbestos has been detected, levels 
of particulate matter remain low, and 
monitoring results for other air pollutants 
(such as dioxins, furans, PCBs and PAHs) 
have been equivalent to background 
levels for London. 

"The air quality monitoring strategy is 
regularly reviewed based on activities 
around the site. As activity on the site 
has reduced and the Tower is now fully 
covered, the strategy is being changed to 

stop monitoring for dioxins, furans, PCBs, 
and PAHs as these chemicals are no 
longer likely to be released. 

"The monitoring for particulate matter and 
asbestos will continue, to provide a baseline 
level, and ensure we are able to assess any 
impacts on airqualityas and when any 
further activity takes place on the site." 

PHE's weekly environmental monitoring 
reports for Grenfell Tower will continue to 
be published online at the following link 


2 Activities programme 
at The Curve 
Community Centre 

3 Earn while you learn 
with paid training courses 

3 NHS support over 
Carnival weekend 

3 Accessing your home 
during Carnival 

4 Housing update 

4 Support services on offer 

4 Changes to the Grenfell 
Night Support Service over 
bank holiday weekend 

4 GCSE students do 
themselves proud 

Grenfell Tower Inquiry continues in September 

Phase one of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry 
returns on Monday 3 September. It will 
continue to look at the events ofjune 14 
2017, with evidence provided by firefighters, 
emergency service responders, and senior 
figures from London Fire Brigade. This 
evidence will feature videos, pictures 
and first person accounts from the night 
itself - as a resu It it cou Id be distressi ng 
for many. The inquiry is then scheduled 
to hear evidence from bereaved families, 
survivors and local residents in October, 
before moving to expert witnesses in 
late November. 

The inquiry is held at Holborn Bars, 
138-142 Holborn, EC1N 2SW, where 

members of the public are able to attend 
if they wish. 

To keep up to date with the Inquiry, follow 
@Grenfelllnquiry on Twitter and for all 
the information on evidence, discussions, 
news and the Inquiry schedule, visit 

The Inquiry is streamed live on YouTube 
and links to the stream are shared on the 
Grenfell Inquiry Twitter page each morning 


and are shared by Grenfell Support 


There is a range of support on offer to 
anyone who feels affected by the ongoing 

Grenfell Tower Inquiry. The Grenfell 
Health and Wellbeing Service and Hestia 
are available all day at the Inquiry. Support 
is also available online on the Grenfell 
Wellbeing website where you can self-refer: 





Wed Thu 






3 4 

10 11 


























Grenfell Support News 

24 August 2018 

Activities programme at The Curve Community Centre 

Monday 27 August 

* Closed for Notting Hill Carnival 


Tuesday 28 August 

• 10.30am-12.30pm - CV workshop 
and job search workshop with 
Jasmine from NOVA. All ages 
welcome (drop-in) 

• 10am-3pm - Fouzia's Sewing Club 
- drop-in sewing club for all, grow 
your skills, knit and natter 

• 12noon-1pm - Come along to our 
Family Reading Group. Together 
we will read, share, craft and play 

at these friendly welcoming sessions. 
This group is geared towards kids 
aged five to 10 and their families, 
however kids of any age are 
welcome to join in. Please 
contact Erin on 07483 972020 or 
to find out more 

• 5pm-7pm - Arabic language 
classes for ages seven plus 
(registration is required, please 

Wednesday 29 August 

• 10am-12noon - World Coffee 
Morning - free and open to all 
for a coffee and a chat 

• 10.30am-12.30pm - CV workshop 
and job search workshop with 
Jasmine from NOVA. All ages 
welcome (drop-in) 

• 1pm-2.30pm - Parenting seminars - 
open to parents of children aged two 
to 16. This week: Raising Competent 
Teenagers (book your place at 

• 1pm-5pm - Drug and alcohol 
support session (drop-in) 

The Curve Community Centre will be 
closed over the August Bank Holiday 

(Saturday 25 August to Monday 27 
August) for Notting Flill Carnival. 

The Curve will reopen as normal on 

Tuesday 28 August at 10am. 

Thursday 30 August 

• 10.30am-12noon - Freestyle dance 
with James for ages six to 11 (drop-in) 

• 12.30pm-2pm - Freestyle dance 
with James for ages 12 plus (drop-in) 

• 5pm-7pm -Arabic language 
classes for ages seven plus 
(registration is required, please 
to book) 

• Time TBC- Visit to Thorpe Park for 
young people aged 12 to 18. Limited 
places available. Deposit of £10 
required. For information on this, 
call The Curve on 020 7221 9836 

or drop-in to enquire in person. 
Places not guaranteed without prior 
booking. Time of departure will be 
confirmed upon booking. 

The opening times forthe creche at The Curve are: 

Tuesday: 9am to 3pm 
Wednesday and Friday: 10am to 5pm 
Thursday: 10am to 12noon 

To book a place in the creche, call 020 7221 9863 
or email 

This week, The Curve Community Centre is open from 10am to 8pm 
Tuesday to Friday and 11am to 6pm on the weekend. 

The Curve Community Centre, 10 Bard Road, London W10 6TP 

Some sessions need to be booked in advance to secure your place, so email and they will confirm your reservation by return. 

For a full 

This information is provided weekly by The Curve Community Centre. 
For more information call 020 7221 9836 


Grenfell Support News 

24 August 2018 

Earn while you learn with paid training courses 

Have you just finished your GCSEs or A You will gain new skills for your CV such as: 

levels? Not sure what to do next? Why not 
apply for a paid training course from 
Repowering London? 

You could earn £10 an hour working 
two-to-six-hours a week over a four-month 
period. This training, that is accredited by 
the educational awarding body AQA, will 
help you boost your employability, learn life 
skills and meet new people. You will be 
trained through a combination of 
classroom-based learning, trips and 
practical work. 

• community engagement 

• social media and marketing 

• energy efficiency 

• renewable energy technologies 

• solar panel making. 

To qualify for this course you must live in 
North Kensington and be aged 16 to 19. 
Spaces are filling fast so email, text or call to 
register interest on 07395 621 925 or 

NHS support over 
Carnival weekend 

The NHS will be at Carnival this weekend 
and will be identifiable by their green 
T Shirts and NHS ID to support anyone 
who needs it. 

The Grenfell NHS Outreach Team is 
available during the day. They can be 
called on 020 8962 4393 from 10am 
to 8pm 

Grenfell Health & Wellbeing Therapy 
service is not open over the weekend but 
you can contact them by email or refer 
yourself for an appointment by emailing 

For emotional support, health 
and wellbeing support, and urgent 
mental health support, you can call 
0800 0234 650; open 24-hours-a-day, 

For further information, see the CNWL 

Accessing your home during Carnival 

The Council has designated safe zones 
that will not be open to the public during 
Carnival. One zone covers the local area 
around Grenfell Tower. Residents who live in 
these areas will still be able to access their 
homes on foot, but will need to have ID 
showing their name and address, such 

as a bank statement, Council Tax statement, 
utility bill or driving licence. 

A map has been uploaded to the Grenfell 
Support website outlining a cordon around 
the Grenfell Tower area. Residents who live 
within the blue cordon on this map can 

collect up to six wristbands, with a proof 
of address, as an alternative to using their 
ID from Unit 7 Baseline Studios or 
The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP or 
Kensington Leisure Centre, Silchester 
Road, W10 6EX. 

You can find a full sized version of this map online at 


Grenfell Support News 

24 August 2018 

Support services on offer 

Anyone who would liketospeakto 
the police in relation to the investigation 
into the Grenfell tragedy is asked to 
contact the Met Police on 


Important contacts 

Cruse Bereavement Care 

Call the Freephone helpline on 

0808 8081677 or email 

The helpline is open Monday-Friday 
from 9.30am to 5pm. Extended hours 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
evenings until 8pm. 

Replacement UK passports, visas or 
immigration queries 

Call the Home Office advice line on 0300 
303 2832. The line is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, see your GP and 
mention Grenfell, they will be able to 
direct you appropriately. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions about housing 

or want to find out who 

your housing officer is please call 

0800137 111 or 020 7361 3008. 

Victim support 

Call 08081689 111 for practical and 
emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

The Grenfell Muslim Response Unit 

also offers additional support. Find out 
more by emailing 

You can also get physical and mental 
support at The Curve Community 
Centre. Call 020 7221 9836. 

Upcoming meetings 

Residents welcome to attend. 

Leadership Team Meeting 

Wednesday 19 September, 6.30pm 
Kensington Town Hall 

Grenfell Recovery Scrutiny Committee 

Monday 15 October, 6.30pm 
Kensington Town Hall 

Full Council 

Wednesday 17 October, 6.30pm 
Kensington Town Hall 

Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk 
rehousing progress update 

These are the figures for 



23 August 2018 

Total 204 

Havtt not ys< accept© J 
a permanent hcrne 







m Emergency In a Tempo* ary In a Permanent 
AcoommotJation Homa Horn* 


Changes to the Grenfell Night Support Service 
over bank holiday weekend 

The Grenfell Night Support Service at 
Notting Hill Methodist Church will operate 
a reduced service overthe bank holiday 
weekend. A joint statement from Hestia and 
NHS Central North West London States: 

"Hestia's Listening & Overnight Support 
service will be temporarily closed from 
Friday morning, 24 August at 8am 
and will re-open on Tuesday night, 

28 August at 10pm 

There will be a night service open over 
the weekend, at the Notting Hill Methodist 

Church, staffed by health professionals 
from CNWL; that is on Friday, Saturday, 
Sunday and Monday nights from 
10pm to 8am 

If you are in emotional distress and need 
help and support overthe weekend you 
can also contact the NHS free of charge 
on 0800 0234650 or call the Samaritans 
on 116123. You can also visit the website. In a 
life-threatening emergency visit A&E 
or call 999." 

GCSE students do themselves proud 

Congratulations to all the young people 
across the borough who received their 
GCSE results this week. We know how hard 
all students and teachers in the borough 
have worked and we hope this dedication 
will pave the way to an exciting new chapter 
of your lives. 

Sion-Manning Secondary School celebrated 
its last set of GCSE results on a high as from 
September the school will become 
co-educational and be known as All Saints. 
This year the school's students improved 
on previous years, with 10 per cent 
achieving five or more grade 7s or higher. 

Cardinal Vaughan saw over half its pupils 
securing grades 7 to 9 (equivalent to A and 

The newsletter i: 

A*) and three pupils achieved straight 9s 
in all the subjects they sat. 

Chelsea Academy are also celebrating as 
91 per cent of their students passed 
English and 75 per cent passed maths. 

The Academy are in the top 10 per cent 
for schools based on progress measured. 

You will be able to access more information 
on the borough-wide results from next 
week. This information will be amplified 
on the RBKC twitter 


also available in Arabic and Farsi languages. 

4 For regular updates please follow us: sr @grenfellsupport ®